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Ever since 1955 ICA stands for design and quality

Founded by Francesco Maisenti in 1955, the small firm of Cartotecnica Ambrosiana has grown over the years to become ICA srl with its state of the art plant in San Giuliano Milanese.

Production is focused mainly on paper doilies and cups for both pastry shops and the pastry industry, addressing the needs of the more qualified segment of the market, with products of quality as well as prompt and efficient service, all at an accessible price.

ICA is research oriented: wherever it identifies the possibility of innovation in industrial methods and in the technical characteristics of its products, the company develops new systems of production and new technological solutions.

At the same time the quality of certain product lines remains unquestionably more artisan based, and only the attention of qualified craftsmen can produce a result of guaranteed quality.

This is a point of honor for ICA and the company employs all the necessary human resources to exploit the precious patrimony of knowhow acquired in over fifty years of activity.

This choice has proved a far-sighted and winning card over the years, which have seen the phenomenon of the progressive transfer to the East assail many Italian businesses: the quality of ICA products is hard to imitate and the service the company provdes, irreplaceable.

Because of this ICA remains in the pool of Italian industry that has not only remained unharmed by the globalization of markets, but has also seized the opportunities this offers to expand its presence in markets abroad.

In fact, ICA doilies can now be seen in the windows of the finest pastry shops of Moscow, or Barcelona.


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